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Deep Roots in North Carolina

          Pine State Construction Group has been in business since 2017 under the ownership and management of Preston Perry and Jim Brewer. Both Mr. Perry and Mr. Brewer started the business with backgrounds in construction, management and real estate. Mr. Brewer grew up working with his family's construction company, JC Edwards Inc., which was one of the largest construction companies in the Triangle, responsible for building much of the infrastructure that makes up Raleigh today. Mr. Perry comes from a sales background, with an undergraduate degree in Management from NC State University. Mr. Perry also was involved in the family businesses during adolescent and early adulthood, which included Perry and Plummer Designs, responsible for designing and managing Memorial Auditorium and multiple multi-million dollar projects in Raleigh. Prior to forming Pine State Construction Group, Mr. Perry worked in equipment sales and as an independent real estate broker. 


          Pine State Construction Group is a multi-faceted licensed general contractor, with a focus on new home construction, infill development, and light commercial projects. Both Mr. Perry and Mr. Brewer are also licensed real estate brokers in North Carolina. Being licensed real estate brokers and with both owners having an extensive background in North Carolina's construction and real estate markets for generations, Pine State Construction Group has built their business with purpose - focusing on sustainable margins and completing projects that present managed risk regardless of economic climate. Where other construction companies may focus on large revenue projects or short term gains, Pine State Construction Group focuses on providing quality sustainable housing in areas of economic growth thoughout central and eastern North Carolina. Pine State Construction Group has a moderate growth strategy, and is focused on the longevity of the business as opposed to short term prosperity. Management's diverse skill set allows the team to operate with precision when executing a project, and which in turn has earned Pine State Construction Group a sterling reputation with all vendors, clients, and financial partners. 

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